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When To Replace Your Locks

You often hear the phrase “time to change the locks!” but do you know what it really means or what is involved? Keep reading and you soon will! Maple Grove Master Locksmith offers affordable lock replacement and lock change solutions so that you can always stay one step ahead of your security and protection needs and wants. Our licensed, bonded and insured Maple Grove, MN technicians can expertly answer any questions you may have as well as give you free, no obligation price quotes on any of our popular lock replacement services and hardware options.

Your Home Locks

Take your house key and look at it. When did you get it and from whom? Just who has a copy of that key right now? On your list might be spouse, children, a couple of past guests, the babysitter, your mother in law and others. Now think back. Who else has had a copy of that same key? This list can include the builder, realtors, property managers, painters, contractors, movers, delivery persons, landscapers, maintenance personnel and lots more. Even if no one copied that key, you can be sure that there are others like it “floating” about in the community.

Don’t you think that a fresh start with new locks and/or keys at home would be a good idea?

Replacing Your Auto Locks

There are many good reasons for replacing your car’s locks. Maybe you bought it used from another party and would like new or better locks for it along with new, unused keys. The previous locks on the door or the trunk might have been damaged by an attempted break-in, vandalism or a prank. The locks themselves may be fine but you are interested in upgrading them to newer, stronger ones. Any locks on the vehicle are open for replacement including the ignition, the doors locks, trunk locks, even the glove compartment locks!

Commercial Lock Replacement

There’s a lot at stake when trying to protect your inventory, staff, and customers. As a business owner or manager, you want the most lock protection for your money. One cost effective and affordable way to achieve that is with the proper use of your commercial locks and keys. Replacing your office or shop locks gives your firm a new start and allows for better and more efficient key control as you now know exactly who has keys and how many. Lock replacement also allows for upgrades to be made to your present lock hardware as well as replacing any break-in or crime damage that might already have been done.

Change or Replacement; what’s the difference?

We hear and use the term “change the locks” so much that it has become interchangeable with “rekey the locks”. There is a real difference so you’ll want to be aware of that. When a lock is actually replaced, the whole lock is removed and a new one put into place. Naturally, new keys are required; after all, it’s a completely different lock!

When a lock is rekeyed, it is ALMOST the same but with one big difference; the lock stays in place and only the interior pins and tumblers are changed. This means that the shell of the lock is the same but since the insides have been altered, a new key is needed. This method is generally more affordable since you aren’t replacing the whole lock. It is suitable for most situations but not when the lock has been damaged from wear and tear or crime. In those cases, you’ll want full lock replacement! It’s important to keep in mind that you can’t upgrade your locks when rekeying. You must do a lock replacement in order to get better quality or more features in your lock. Be sure to call on your favorite licensed, insured and bonded locksmith shop for either of these services or simply contact our Maple Grove Master Locksmith experts and we’ll be happy to assist you with additional information or with the actual service.

When To Replace Your Locks

Here at Maple Grove Master Locksmith we made a short list of some of the best times to actually replace or rekey your locks. It’s really up to you but here are some of the most often used replacement times:

Old Locks – locks age too, you know! Weather, age and use can take their toll on locks and keys. An old, worn lock is easy to break open with a hammer or crow bar. As affordable as locks are today, it just makes sense to put in new ones.

Keys Lent Out – are you a key lender? If you give key copies to neighbors, kids, friends or babysitters, it may be a good time to have your locks rekeyed or replaced. New locks and keys give you better control over key access and best of all; they give you real peace of mind.

Crime – if your locks were damaged by a break-in attempt, or if they are not of the best quality to begin with, then it’s a good idea to replace them with new hardware that is sturdier and more up to date. Lock bumping is the new rage and this method of bypassing locks leaves no lock damage and no sign of forced entry! Your favorite Maple Grove, MN locksmith shop can help you choose the right bump proof locks for your property.

Lost Keys – lost keys are one of the biggest reasons to have your locks changed or rekeyed. Even if you got them back later, were any copies made? If it’s a key to your backyard shed, it probably doesn’t matter but keys to your home or place of business are another matter!

Upgrade Locks – one of the smartest (and most popular) reasons for changing your locks is to upgrade them. Before you say “my locks are just fine” take a moment to consider the increase in crime lately. Here at Maple Grove Master Locksmith we offer affordably priced high security locks for home, business and auto use. These locks cannot be pried open, picked open or even shot open!