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Ignition Cylinder Problems; What To Do About Them!

Even kids know what ignition cylinders do; they make the car start! The process is easy; you just insert the ignition key, turn it and BOOM; the engine starts and away you go! As drivers we have experienced this hundreds of times so we’ve come to expect the same results each time. We might be hopping in the car for a nice drive along the beach on a Sunday afternoon. Or, maybe we have errands to run like picking up a birthday cake from the bakery or reporting for work at a new job. Here at Maple Grove Master Locksmith we know all too well that sometimes ignition cylinders stop working. That’s why we’ve made this post. Hopefully, you’ll find it useful in case your ignition cylinder ever “acts up” on you!

You may be wondering…

Are you wondering why an ignition cylinder problem is being addressed by a locksmith? After all, shouldn’t this be something for a mechanic or car dealer to help with? You can call on them, sure; but you can usually save money, time and stress by simply having a local Maple Grove, MN automotive locksmith come to your aid instead. Doing so eliminates any middle-man mark-up fees, tow charges and needless waits and hassles. Your locksmith will even come to you and work right were your car is located!

What your ignition cylinder does

It can be a little confusing unless you have auto mechanic experience or at least a passing interest in the subject. Basically, your ignition key starts the process by sending power from the vehicle’s battery to the starter. Many other components of your car also receive electrical power including your headlights, radio, GPS system, car seats, power windows, disc player, windshield wipers, air conditioner, heater and other related items. Once in a while though, you turn the ignition key and nothing happens! What do you do now?

Are you in the PARK gear?

No, we are not trying to insult your intelligence, but our Maple Grove, MN lock shop often gets calls from people worried that their ignition system has failed. We get there only to find that they simply weren’t in the right gear. You can’t be in NEUTRAL, DRIVE or REVERSE if you want your vehicle to start. PARK is the only gear that works for this and you can sometimes save yourself a service call by simply checking this first.

Do you have “JUICE?”

This is slang for does your battery still have power? Even if you are in the right gear, without battery power your car is going nowhere. Your ignition system may be fine but you may not know that if you mistake your dead battery for a damaged ignition cylinder. You can check your battery by turning your dashboard lights on. Make sure that they are not on “dim” or you won’t be able to tell! You can also try your car radio, windshield wipers, power windows, and other items run on battery power to check its condition.

That crazy steering wheel!

One of the most common “ignition cylinder failure” calls we get here at Maple Grove Master Locksmith is for steering wheel lockups. This is a safety feature included in most late model cars and the symptoms are often confused with a damaged ignition. These lockups happen when you put a little too much pressure on your steering wheel. You may be steadying yourself as you attempt to get out of the car. Or, maybe you were removing a sweater while parked and you used the steering wheel for balance while do so. A locked steering wheel won’t make your key stick but it WILL not let you start your car, either! The remedy is simple; just move the steering wheel back and forth a couple of times to unlock it. Then, if your engine won’t turn over, you probably have ignition cylinder issues.

Did you use the right key?

It’s no surprise; we lead busy and hurried lives and sometimes we can make mistakes. Who hasn’t accidentally turned down the wrong Maple Grove, MN street and wound up on some freeway in the middle of Minneapolis? The same goes for your ignition key. Often, other keys look similar in size and shape and it is so easy to accidentally insert this wrong key into your ignition switch. Naturally it won’t turn on your car; in fact, you might not be able to remove it at all! Needless to say, if this is your problem, it’s NOT your ignition cylinder! Anytime a key gets stuck in your ignition switch, try wiggling it out gently. Don’t force it; keys break and the last thing you want, is to need key removal service on top of whatever else is wrong!

Do you want some cheap help with your car?

Be careful; taking this option might just cost you more than you think! We are referring to friends and family. They usually mean well, and their efforts to help you are sincere, but remember; they may not be trained, experienced or even knowledgeable in auto ignition problems and allowing them to work on your car might just be an expensive lesson you don’t need right now. So where in Maple Grove, MN do you find the perfect combination of affordability and professional expertise?

Not a mechanic!

Well, ok; maybe a mechanic, but keep in mind that if your car’s ignition doesn’t work, your vehicle will need towing, either to his shop or to your car dealership. Not only is that an added expense, it’s a completely needless one, too. Why not call a trusted automotive locksmith? In Maple Grove, MN there are many shops that offer fast, same day service at affordable prices. Choose your locksmith crew from dozens of licensed, bonded and insured companies that also offer 24-hour emergency service and friendly, professional help for every lock on your car or in your home or business.