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Garage Door Locks for Additional Security

Having a good garage door lock installed at your property will spare you from any unnecessary concerns.

Sure, you may have a reliable opener for the door – but what happens if this fails? Even the best designed systems are never fully immune to damage or glitches.

If you’re going away on vacation, or you’re out of the house for long periods of time, a garage door lock installation is set to bring you full peace of mind over your security. Wondering how? Then keep on reading.

Protecting your garage from electronic opener vulnerabilities

New developments in garage door technologies usually focus on addressing issues that could lead to a system’s circumvention. When automatic door openers were first introduced, they only had a limited number of combinations – meaning that it didn’t take much for someone to override an opener’s code to enter into a property. At the time, thieves would commonly drive around with a remote, pressing the opener button until they found a door with a matching system.

In order to counteract this, manufacturers introduced rolling codes, which constantly change so that no home intruder can replicate them. Unfortunately, tech-savvy burglars know how to work around this system – for instance, by exploiting faulty door openers or activating a door’s emergency release.

With this uncertainty around, a solid garage door lock will prevent your property from getting broken into. Even if a thief manages to activate your opener or emergency mechanisms, they won’t be able to enter the property because everything is locked in position.

Your overall home security will benefit from it

The garage tends to be the entryway for most residential properties. That means having a lock installed will give you more control over who can enter or exit your home through your garage. If you think about it, this is a good protective feature for your property at large: if someone enters or exits your property through the garage, you’ll know exactly who it was – reducing any suspicions if something actually goes amiss. So the locks aren’t just a deterrent, they’re there to provide you with enhanced home security in general.

Garage door locks are easy to install

And they’re quite affordable too. Of course, in order for these to do their job you need to ensure all the screws are secured in place, and the locks are installed properly.

There are three different locks you can choose from. An opener unit is the most common: it prevents people from opening the door by securing it when it is lowered.

The T-handle is the second lock type you might come across. These are installed outside the door and can only be unlocked with a key. Inside its turning handle there is a security bar that locks down the tracks, only releasing the pressure once the key has been turned.

You can also opt for getting a side lock installed. These are as straightforward as their name suggests: A sliding bar on the side of the door is all that’s needed to lock it. Not only are side locks very easy to install, they’re also very effective in preventing that much dreaded opener override we were talking about earlier.

What a locksmith can do to help

If you’re going to get a garage door lock installed, a residential locksmith will be the best professional for the job. Not only will they have a wide range of options for you to choose from, they will do all the work for a very affordable price. Credible lock and key professionals are all licensed and insured, and they’ll have the tools required to install your new security devices correctly.

No matter where you live, the best way to identify the right professional for the task at hand is to do a bit of background research. Try to get a few business names from people you know and trust – friends, family members, neighbors or anyone else you know has hired a locksmith in the past. After you have some local locksmith details handy, call them to ask about their various services. Always make sure that the company actually offers residential security solutions – some locksmiths might choose to specialize in other areas like automotive or commercial services. Many businesses will offer free consults and price quotes, so take the time to clarify any concerns that come to mind. While you’re at it, here are some things to check:

  • Information about a business’s reputation: how long they’ve been operating, a list of client references (good locksmiths won’t balk at you for requesting these), license and insurance details, minimum callout charges, and costs for after-hours services
  • Any informational gaps. If the person on the other side of the line answers the phone using a generic term (e.g. Locksmith Business), and refuses to provide a full company name, run for the hills. Also, never hire a company you can’t trace a physical address to, or who lacks essential details like contact information.
  • A quick tip about money matters: partial deposits are standard procedure; full payment upfront is not. It’s also good to stay on guard if a locksmith changes their price quote on arrival or requests to be paid by cash.
  • If you have the time to spare, read a few online reviews about your chosen business and check if any complaints have been laid against them through your local Better Business Bureau.

Are you a homeowner in Maple Grove, MN? Allow us to help. With the locally-based, licensed and insured team at Maple Grove Master Locksmith, you’re bound to find the right garage door locks to install in your property. Simply get in touch with us to discuss our solutions and to get a complimentary price quote from our experts.

Whether you’re in our area or elsewhere, garage door locks will help you keep your home secure. We highly recommend all homeowners to consider installing these in their properties, and we hope this blog post has been instructive in explaining the additional security benefits that these provide.