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Why All Homeowners Should Consider Installing Deadbolts

A sturdy deadbolt is a much better deterrent than your standard home lock. Maple Grove, MN, homeowners who do not have these installed in their residential properties should seriously consider placing these at the top of their security checklists. Why? That is what we are here to tell you.

Here is everything you need to know about residential deadbolts. From the basics to the benefits that these will bring, we will highlight all of the best features that make these components a great security asset for all Maple Grove, MN, homes. Of course, any questions should be directed towards a professional such as Maple Grove Master Locksmith, or the lock and security provider in your area.

What exactly is a deadbolt lock?

You will definitely have seen them before, but showing you the basics will help you get a better understanding of the type of protection that you can get from these components.

A deadbolt is a lock bolt that is highly resistant to forced entry. Like your standard lock, a deadbolt is moved by turning a key or knob. The crucial difference is that deadbolts are not operated by springs. This allows for improved protection as the lack of springs prevent thieves from prying into them using knives, lock picks or any sharp objects.

There are three types of deadbolt locks, which provide different levels of protection:

  • Single cylinder deadbolts can be accessed from the outside by key, and from the inside using a thumb piece. These are more suited for doors that are not surrounded by breakable glass, for the simple reason that if someone breaks that glass they could reach and unlock the deadbolt.
  • Double cylinder deadbolts are better for situations where there is breakable glass by the knob. These can be accessed by key on both sides, making them harder to break into. The only downside is that these can make emergency evacuations more difficult.
  • Keyless cylinder deadbolts are the easiest to operate. As the name suggests, these can be opened by fingerprint scans or password codes, and closed with a button or knob inside your property.

You can probably get an idea of some of the benefits that come from installing deadbolts, but let’s take a look at them in more detail now.

Key deadbolt advantages

Pun not intended, of course. These are some of the main reasons why Maple Grove, MN, locksmiths recommend deadbolts to all local homeowners:

Durable protection. Deadbolts are made to last, especially if you select one made of hardened steel. This means that they will not wear and tear easily, and will be very difficult to break through.

Enhanced security. As you can already tell, deadbolts can protect all homes from forceful entry. Standard locks can be easily broken into using crowbars, knives, lock picking equipment and other tools, whereas you cannot do the same with a deadbolt.

Tougher to break into. Of course, nothing is ever fool proof, but the fact that they are tougher to break into is a strong selling point in itself. It takes longer to try and break into a deadbolt, meaning that even if someone tries to do it, they will easily get caught.

Convenience. Their protection is highly accessible. Deadbolts are very affordable to install, no matter the class of deadbolt you are considering for your home.

Ready to install your new deadbolt? Great! Here is what you need to do.

Talk to a qualified locksmith

We recommend that you hire a licensed and insured residential locksmith to provide you with full peace of mind about the deadbolts that you are about to install in your Maple Grove, MN, home.

Why? Because locksmiths will ensure the deadbolts are installed properly. In order for your deadbolt to function, it needs to fully extend into the hole from the door jamb. This hole should be reinforced using a metal spike blade. Without these crucial procedures, the security of your deadbolt will be compromised. Locksmiths will have all the required training, practical experience and tools to do the job with aptitude and precision the first time around. They will know how to install the deadbolts, taking into consideration all the right mechanisms that make it work.

We recommend you contact a Maple Grove, MN, based professional to schedule a consultation prior to getting your deadbolts installed. That will help ensure that your selection is suitable for your property. Locksmiths will guide you along the many options their company has on offer, will explain the different features that you can get from these, and will provide you with a full price quote for their installations. Usually a trustworthy lock and key service provider will provide their wisdom and that much needed price quote at no extra cost to their customers. They will be concerned about helping you improve your residential security, and will try as hard as they can to cater to all your needs.

Happy with the locksmith you are hiring? Brilliant. Then they will get on to installing your brand new deadbolt for you. This affordably priced service shouldn’t take too long, and you can expect your locksmith to schedule a time to do the job at your convenience. Before you know it, your brand new deadbolt will be ready to go.

Make sure to keep the number of your preferred locksmith service provider handy, just in case you encounter any issues. Use a quality business with expert locksmiths trained to do more than just installations, that you can count on to quickly tend to all required deadbolt repairs or replacements needs. Of course, these are meant to last you several years without any chance of wear and tear – but it’s better to be prepared just in case you need some extra assistance in the future.

Just remember not to neglect using your new deadbolt. They are there to protect, after all. It may take a couple of days to get used to locking and unlocking these, but the security that you will get truly is valuable.