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Maple Grove Master Locksmith– Access Control

How much control do you have when it comes on to who enters your property? Very little we assume. Sure, you may have locks to keep people out. But, do you know who has copies of your keys? Perhaps you have been in the dark a bit, but let us shed some light for you. There are some new systems on the market that can significantly increase the amount of security that you have for your home. When you move into a new home, you have to bear in mind that other individuals might have had access to your key at some point – including contractors, realtors and more. This same idea applies to your business, but you can add employees to this list, too. A good solution? Access control!

Access control systems are very safe and secure. Want to know more about them? Give us a call at Maple Grove Master Locksmith in Maple Grove, MN. We are your access control experts. You don’t need to pay ridiculously high rates to get the same deal at a security company. Save yourself a buck or two and let us help you with all your access control needs.

Access Control … Is It Your Best Option?

If you have ever heard of access control before, you may have been excited about its use. But do you really need access control? Will it be an unnecessary upgrade for you? To answer this question, you should ask yourself another. Is there really anything such as too much security? Isn’t it better to take all the precautions that you can rather than doing the bare minimum? We certainly think that it is not easy to go overboard with security. In fact, many people who do the bare minimum often leave themselves more exposed to security threats.

Still not so sure if access control is for you? Take a look at these Pros and Cons. It may help you to make a better decision about what’s best for your situation.

Pros of Access Control

There are a number of advantages to having access control. Here are some you should pay attention to.

  • They make it very convenient to access your property
    If you own a lot of property, over time you may find that you have several bunches of keys or just one really huge bunch. Installing access control systems can significantly reduce the number of keys that you have to travel with. Not only will this lighten your load, it will also make it much more convenient when you have to access your property. Instead of searching for

keys on that big bunch, all you will need is your password or whatever method of entry your system requires.

  • They are very safe systems
    No one can deny that access control systems are extremely safe. You don’t have to worry about someone getting a hold of your keys to make a copy. Plus, it is very difficult for someone to access these systems without approval or access being granted by the administrator. Certainly, this is more secure than having keys that can end up in just about anyone’s hand. If you are worried about the current level of security that you have, access control may be a very good option for you.
  • You can use them to track movement in your business
    This feature does not come standard in all types of access control systems. However, it is a feature that a lot of employers can benefit from having. It offers way more security than other lock systems and can be very useful if you have some types of discrepancies in your business. Surely, this is not a benefit that you can get from regular commercial locks.

Cons of Access Control

It would be quite biased to state all the good things about access control without stating the bad. And, sure enough, there are a few drawbacks to access control systems.

  • They can get quite expensive.
    Unlike many types of locks on the market today, access control systems can run you several thousands of dollars. Sure, you can get simpler systems for a few hundred dollars or less, but the more you want your access control system to do, the more you will have to pay. Even though they offer unparalleled amount of security, you really should think about the price you have to pay for these systems and whether or not it is worth it for you.

  • They may require you to be tech savvy
    Although you don’t have to be a master technician or extremely tech savvy to deal with all of these systems, many of them require you to be a bit tech savvy. The more complex the system, the more tech savvy you will have to be in order to operate it. If you are not into technology at all and you won’t have someone to deal with the system for you, it may be wise to stay away from installing it unless you’re willing to learn.

Installing Access Control Systems

As a newbie to access control, you may be wondering how easy they are to install and whether you can install them on your own or not. Well, here’s the deal. There a lot of things out there that we should leave to the professionals but we tend to do on our own. If you think you are handy enough to install your own access control system, you may want to give it a try. If that’s not your cup of tea, we know you will be calling a professional for help very soon. But, the recommendation is that you leave it in the hands of the professionals. It would be quite sad if you attempt to install the system on your own and end up wrecking it in the process.

Maple Grove Master Locksmith in Maple Grove, MN is a great place to rely on when you are ready to install your access control system. We have years of experience in handling a variety of lock systems including access control. Once you are in and around the Maple Grove area, give us a call. If you happen to be outside of these areas, we’re sorry that we won’t be able to assist you much. But, we hope that you will find a great locksmith in your area to assist you.